Virtual Trainings

I know you are busy and sometimes you just need a quick explanation about something that has you kind of snagged. Like,

  • “How do I set up my newsletter sign up box on my website?” or
  • “How do I link to a PDF file on my WordPress website?” or
  • “I have some items I want to hide from my website, can I password protect a page?”

Watch for some quick tip videos coming soon. Like a Coffee with Jenny type of thing – casual but effective.

Upcoming topics:

  • I need a domain and hosting package for my WordPress Site.
  • Ok, WordPress is installed but … “I don’t get it!” (Cheat: Here is a set of 24 tutorial videos and you can have them for $24)
  • What’s a Widget?
  • I need to build an email list so my tribe can instantly download my free PDF.
  • I want to sell PDFs from my website but do not know where to start. HELP and please keep it EASY.