Small Business Needs


You have a great idea for an online business. You have creative ideas and can whip up content and services that your tribe will LOVE. But then reality sets in. You need a website. You need to capture email addresses. You have logistical issue to figure out. Your tribe? You need to create one! How will you meet their needs? How will you contact them? How will you let them know when you have new things to offer? How will you build relationships with your tribe so that they will learn to know, like and trust you. You have to be visible on a few social media platforms. You have emails to answer. People email wanting your “free PDF” and you begin manually sending out these PDF’s one by one … you end up sitting at your computer for days and then that sense of overwhelm swallows you in one swift gulp.


It doesn’t have to be this way! There are an amazing amount of tools available for automating your business so that you can reclaim that valuable time that has been sucked away from you as you wade through all the details. Sure, it takes some time to set things up but once you have things organized and working as you need them to work for you, many of your day to day business task can be automated.


No one knows how to do everything they need to be able to do so they hire out tasks to people who can do them for them, in half the time, getting it right the first time, thereby saving themselves heaps of time and frustrations. Please do yourself a favour and realize you DO NOT have to build your business all alone. We have WIFI now! And, this thing called the internet. And, web-based software solutions. And, you get my drift, right?


I have created affordable training resources (and some are even free) for you so that you can get started building your business with a solid automation plan in place. I am available to help you make the stuff in your head dance online. Please stay tuned as I begin building this website and populating it with valuable, affordable and easy to understand trainings that will help you get back to the part of your business that you love.