I have arrived here via the scenic route.


Jennifer Berthelot

Just the quick and dirty facts about me for now, but please feel free to ask for more details should you wish to know more about my skill set if you are interested in working together in some capacity.

I earned a B.Ed from the University of Saskatchewan,  a M.S. (Curriculum & Instruction) from Texas A&M University, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology from Cape Breton University. I have spent the better part of the last 20 years involved in public education in various roles: classroom teacher,teacher librarian, technology support teacher, and online educational resource development.  I have no issues speaking in front of a crowd, openly sharing what I have learned along the way and trying to figure things out as I go.

About ten years ago, I decided that my life needed more balance and happiness. I decide I was going to run a marathon. Just.Like.That. I have since  completed several marathons (not all of them pretty) and I have also crossed the IRONMAN CANADA finish line twice, smiling. This interest led me down yet another path. This time towards health, wellness and mindset coaching. (Learn more at SWIFTKICKLife). From my new side hustle (small business), I saw much suffering from a new perspective and went on to write and self publish two Amazon bestselling books, WTF to OMG and Happy on Purpose. (Learn more at STOKE Publishing).

Now about you?

You are likely here because you have a small business and are knee deep in overwhelm and need a little help establishing some systems and structures to make your life easier … (Hey, automation is sexy!)


You want to start a small business but you want to make sure you do it without wasting lots of valuable time buried in the details of day-to-day business.

Guess what?

I can help.

*This website is currently under construction but in the meantime, you can find me over at:

www.swiftkicklife.com – health, wellness, and mindset coaching
www.stokepublishing.com – self- publishing and marketing coaching